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Siz Hayal Edin Biz Gerçekleştirelim


Raw Material Provision

The first step of our production journey is the production of yarn from the raw material. In line with the demands of our customers, we use 100% cotton, bamboo, micro-cotton, organic cotton in order to offer the best quality product and attain the quality in our production in terms of the features such as dye affinity and durability in production stage as well as the features such as high-water absorption, softness, and wash-ability.


In accordance with the demands, we purchase dobby and jacquard weaving yarns, and have them weaved by our contracted weavers.

Dyeing & Printing

In line with the demands, we have reactive dyeing, indanthrene dyeing, yarn dyeing, and rotation works done in contracted dyeing factories. We have digital printing and rotation printing done according to the design requested by our customers.

Pastal Cutting

First of all, parts of the products to be cut on the pastal are drawn on computer having their sizes measured by the means of our drawing programs. Product drawings transferred on paper are sent to our firm’s pastal department for layout and cutting processes.
The paper received from drawing is laid on the fabric. The fabric is cut in a highly safe way with the aid of our machine.


Having the pattern design requested by our customers loaded to the embroidery machine, embroideries are meticulously applied on the parts received from cutting process via 12 high quality embroidery machines present in our firm. At this stage, technical operations such as contour drawing, and basting are also performed. Colorful threads are attached to the embroidery machine according to the type of embroidery to be processed.
We use 3 kinds of stroke techniques in our embroidery machines; sewing, dressing and Chinese needle. The parts remaining from the appliqués on the embroidery processed to the fabric are cleaned by dint of our electrical machines.


There are 50 sewing machines in our garment department.
The parts received from the cutting process are sent to the required machines to be combined. Our ready-made fabrics undergo meticulous processes in our overlock, cover-stitch, lock-stitch, buttonhole and button sewing machines.
They are then cleaned again.

Quality control

Kimpeks Textile uses the recognized international quality control standard to conduct inspections. We refer to the most widely accepted sampling methods such as MIL-STD-105E, ABC-STD-105, ISO2859, DIN40.080, BS6001, and NFK06-021/022.They are based on mathematical theories of probability and offer the advantage of clearly defining the number of samples to be drawn for inspection from a given lot or consignment.


After the completion of our quality controls, the product becomes ready for packaging.
Barcode stickers are adhered to our products during the packaging stage. Parcel cards are prepared and adhered over the parcel. Prepared parcels are loaded into containers and the shipment starts.